Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Big Dumb Developer

As a developer, I do a lot of reading about the art. I come across a lot of help content like this:

How to add autocomplete:
1) use text_field_with_auto_complete
2) that's it!

Am I the only one who things "can I get a little more than that?" Don't get me wrong, I love rails, and that method is awesome, but knowing how to use that function does not mean you could build auto complete. I always want to know how the problem really gets solved, not how to just use a function. You know, like, sort of, learn how to solve problems.

So, I'm writing my own blog.

Where did the name come from:
Big - I'm bigger than your average NFL lineman.
Dumg - I'm from Arkansas. I can't spel, ether.
Developer - I'm a developer.

I'm going to hit up my buddy, Travis, for a character of me at a desk wearing a dunce cap, until then, enjoy the blogger template this big, dumb, and color blind, developer picked out.