Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Steve Jobs gives the iPhinger to Mac developers

Apple is waving a white flag. They are in the same API wars as Microsoft - it's the OS vs. the web, and Apple is changing sides. You see, Apple has "very sweet solution" for development on the iPhone - and it doesn't include core animations.

If you go cuckoo for Cocoa, faithfully attend the WWDC, and live by the covenants of the HIG, you would probably expect to have a leg up when it comes to "the next big thing" from Apple. Well, sorry, you lose - web apps will be the only 3rd party apps allowed on the iPhone. While you were standing in line outside an Apple store, web developers were able to build and launch the first 3rd party iPhone apps. Steve Jobs has repaid you for years of loyalty with a big, revolutionary, game-changing iPhinger.

It's a web app world.